Wanna date a celebrity? Apparently, you might be able to do so now – without going through the process of becoming famous yourself and somehow getting into their social circle – via Fox’s upcoming show The Choice, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Similar to the NBC hit The Voice, contestants will be interviewed by the celebrity panelists for their date-worthiness, physical appearance at first unknown. Contestants will describe themselves to the panel before revealing their appearance, and then the quest for a date continues with additional questions from the celebs and the celebs potentially squaring off to win the date.

We’ll see if beauty really IS just skin deep! That is, until the reveal – and then, well, it’s every pretty face for itself.


One of the most annoying and confusing things you hear from happily married people about finding love is: “You know when you know!”


Maybe it doesn’t always come down to the same type of moment for everyone, or an elusive and mind-boggling knowing-when-knowing. But, from another perspective, I think you can just look at a couple and unexpectedly glimpse something there that indicates it might be true love.

Did you catch the royal wedding? I’m not a 4 A.M. kinda gal, but I did manage to watch part of the recaps of the exchange of vows. I definitely have NOT been following the wedding leadup, so this was really my first time seeing the royal pair interact.

Call me irreverent, but I found the vow exchange to be cute and endearing. I was tickled pink, because royalty or not, the two acted like a pair of teenagers giggling during a first date. It was adorable! When the priest and bishop are speaking, you can kind of tell that the couple (and Kate especially!) is trying really hard not to crack a smile. A few times, before the vows, you even see them lean in and whisper to each other with mirthful looks, as if sharing a secret joke. How many couples, let alone those on a global stage, share a nuptial moment like that that’s even noticeable? I’ve been to my share of weddings, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

It might be just a tiny glimpse into what’s surely a complex relationship, but at that moment they stopped being two celebrities and seemed REAL. Genuine real, and so obviously more on the same wavelength with each other than a lot of couples who just go through the motions. Love is nothing if not down to earth and unequivocally authentic, right?

Did you watch the royal ceremony? Did you get chills at the beauty of it all? (Or tears? Yeah, I’m a sap!)

Are you excited to watch the royal nuptials that officially begin tomorrow at 6:00am?! As someone who grew up hearing about the royal family and seeing Prince William in magazines (he’s only a year older than me!), it’s kind of weird to hear all about his wedding now. It’s definitely an am-I-grown-up-already? moment when your contemporaries, even celebrities you don’t even know, get married in droves!

Can you imagine planning a wedding of royal, epic proportions that billions of people will be watching and talking about for generations?! Everything is streaming and minute-to-minute updates are downloadable as we speak. (Check out the official site.) I can’t help feeling overwhelmed for Kate Middleton, and glad I’m not in her shoes. Take this as coming from someone who is unmarried and unengaged, but I would find the process of planning a humble, non-celebrity and very low-key wedding overwhelming enough! I’ve witnessed lots of friends go through the wedding planning process, and to me it does not sound fun at all. I’m sure my feelings might change later, but a quick stop at city hall sounds good to me!

I guess I’m just uncomfortable with the notion of being the centerpiece (along with the guy) of a lavish affair. The very thought is terrifying; I mean, I’ve never even liked opening birthday presents in front of people! Guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t meant for a royal betrothal. Someone’s gotta do it though, and Kate seems to be handling it all with class–pretty befitting for a future queen!