Stupid Cupid!! I.e., I’m Done with Online Dating (Err, Browsing)!

To say that I’m “done” with online dating is a bit deceptive, considering I never even met one guy via my four rounds of OK-I’ll-try-meeting-guys-online bouts. And most recently, I sifted through about 25 messages over a period of two months and sent exactly ZERO responses.

Online dating is just NOT for me. I’ve moved on from the Ex (capital “e” to denote that I’m talking about my most recent ex), so it’s not an issue of dating discomfort. I just feel uneasy about agreeing to a “date” with someone I’ve not interacted with in person. And the more I hear about men in the New York City dating scene – like hearing that many, if not most, if not all, go in for a kiss on the first date [I’m not a prude but eek. NO.] – the less amenable I am to saying yes to this setup.

Anyone else thrown in the towel on online dating?


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