Love: Old-School or New-School?

I recently purchased an original Nintendo system from eBay, and it got me thinking. As I’ve mentioned, I can be slow to embrace technology. This has nothing to do with not actually LIKING technology. (I joined Facebook as soon as it opened up at my university back in 2005.) It’s just that I like continuity, and the fast-paced, upgradeability of technology just isn’t my thing.

But, well, the landscape is changing. Of EVERYTHING. And relationships, romantic or otherwise will never be the same thanks to technology, and some of those tried-and-true rules that our moms told us (whether about guys or finding a new job) no longer hold water. Don’t call him? OK, but what if he doesn’t know how to use that ‘dial’ button on his smartphone? (Does anyone know how to use that button anymore??) Some remnants of the old-fashioned kind of love might remain, but we’re on our way out.

Nintendo or Xbox? Phone call or text message? There’s nothing wrong with preferring it old school, or embracing the new technology-fused style. But either way, the biggest change might have to be our expectations. It’s not as easy to write someone off for not following the “correct” (and perhaps outdated) approach! (Time to reassess those dealbreakers, maybe?)


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