When Less ISN’T More: Cooking for…3?

No, I’m not talking about S.O. plus child, in this case. But there is merit to cooking for more than just one, no matter how your more-than-just-one is defined.

Tuesday nights for me now means one thing: cooking dinner for me and my parents. OK, so it’s a pretty new thing, having just begun last week, hardly enough to be called tradition. But it’s no small thing. As I’ve blogged about before (remember my fiasco with the apple pie?), cooking is just not my forte. And though I know I have crowed about how simply wonderful it is to just cook for one person, turns out having less pressure isn’t that motivating at all. Not having someone to live up to standards of not just edibility but palatable edibility is actual quite a deterrent. When it’s just you, it’s way too easy to give up on the dish and reach for the Easy Mac. (Were you wondering why there were no apple-pie-attempt followups? Now you know.)

As it turns out, my parents are the perfect test subjects. Not only can I count on them to be brutally honest, but I also know that if it all goes utterly and disastrously wrong, they can easily whip up the most delicious meal I’ve ever had in less time than it takes for me to re-read the recipes I’m using.

Last week, I cooked my parents some lamb, a tweaked version of one of my favorite Japanese dishes: pork katsu. The result? Despite the semi-fail of the katsu sauce (too ketchupy), they liked it! As in, really liked it. This is no easy feat, as demonstrated by the words that came out of my younger sister’s mouth when I recounted the details: “That’s bullsh**! How is that possible?!”

I have no idea, and I really hope it wasn’t a fluke. You know, like those one-hit-wonder bands who hit on a Top 10 song on their first attempt…and then NEVER experience anything like that success again?!

Tomorrow I’m attempting a cherry-glazed  salmon and shrimp dish I came across. (Yes, it was all about the cherry glaze for me…I drooled!) If it’s even somewhat appetizing, I’ll post a photo and let you drool, too!


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