An April Fool’s NON-Love Story

Do you play pranks on April Fool’s Day? (Or, do you get unwittingly tricked by someone every year, like I tend to be?)

Speaking of being really foolish…I can never let this ‘holiday’ go by without thinking back to one of the, um, strangest relationships I was ever in. (That’s putting it nicely.) Let’s just say that the guy was someone I could not have been MORE incompatible with, even in a non-serious dating sense.  Were I to meet him today, I doubt he’d even make it into the “acquaintances” category.

It’s not just that there were red flags waving all over from the day I met him–he WAS one big, gigantic red flag! If you’re familiar with Neil Strauss’s The Game, suffice it to say that the book was this guy’s bible, but NOT in a good way. I really should have known better! And when did I meet this guy? April 1st. It was like the universe screaming (and me not listening, obviously): “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S TO YOU, PAM! The joke is on you, big time!” And indeed it was.

At least I can say that it was one of my earliest relationships. Still, every April Fool’s Day, I cringe. We all do really silly, stupid, FOOLISH things in the search for love, don’t we?

I hope you all had a great first weekend of April! Did you meet someone on the 1st? Might wanna be extra careful with that one! 😉


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