What’s Your Go-To Romantic Movie?

Tonight is one of those nights. One of those I-feel-like-I-might-be-single-forever-and-die-alone nights. (There’d be a cat finding my body in that equation too, were I not allergic.)

Not to be dramatic or anything. I think it’s actually just impatience at long overdue (consistent) spring weather, as well as the culmination of a lot of life-churning decisions and changes taking place behind the scenes.  Too much cold weather plus big changes = need for a movie to make me sob and/or wax optimistic.

It’s a tossup, but my go-to movies rarely change. I’ll usually pull out Ever After for a Cinderella story (so befitting for the times, right?) or The Mirror Has Two Faces (I truly, truly LOVE Jeff Bridges!). If I were feeling especially melancholy, I might choose the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan classic Sleepless in Seattle. Luckily, it’s not gotten THAT bad yet…

Hmm…these movies go back to the late 1990s. (I hope you readers have at least heard of these movies I’ve mentioned!) Is there really nothing a tad bit newer that can keep hope alive for a late twentysomething single gal?

Movie suggestions please! What do YOU watch when weather, big changes, or the unknown bring you down?


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