Stalker Alert! The ‘Breakup Notifier’ App

Do you keep an eye on a certain someone’s relationship status on Facebook? Well, a new app cuts out the time consuming aspect (while upping the obsessiveness ante a bit perhaps?). Yep, a 24-year-old guy named Dan Loewenherz invented the Breakup Notifier app for Facebook a few weeks ago. The gist of the app is this: you select the Facebook friend whose love life you’ve been, er, regularly checking and instead of having to click on their profiles constantly, voilà! Now you get an email alert when their status changes.

Creepy, right?! Since the Breakup Notifier launch (and in response to a temporary block on the app by Facebook due to negative feedback), Loewenherz created the “Crush Notifier” app, which allows users to select Facebook friends they have a crush on. If the guy or girl becomes single, they’re alerted that one of their friends has a crush on them, and if they in turn ‘select’ one of these someones as their own crush, both parties will get be alerted with the other’s identify. Romantic, huh?

Both apps now cost a few dollars for use, so at least there’s a barrier present to keep the REALLY creepy ones away. Right? Or maybe just the super cheap or lazy ones.

Just an FYI, my dear readers! No judgment, and what a great story to tell the kids someday!

Would you sign up for one of these apps? Does it strike you as cute or just creepy?


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