Handwritten Letters: Foolish or Romantic?

Confession: I secretly hate email!

This might be coming off the tail end of having officially survived more than a week sans Facebook. (I purged the account in order to free up some time and lessen distractions.)  But I promise I’m NOT on a sudden tirade against social media or technology…deactivating my 24/7 presence isn’t the only reason I’ve been thinking about the art of the old-fashioned letter…and how much I wish I got more of them versus electronic hellos. (And I’m not the only one. Apparently, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima had a handwritten letter on her Christmas wish list!)

I’ve been a fan of letter-writing for ages. Even today, I exchange letters and just-because gifts with a longtime friend who lives a few hundred miles away.

Here’s the thing: sometimes I let emails from friends sit in my inbox for days…weeks even…at a time. Sitting down to type a response to a long email can feel like a dreaded task to me. It’s because some people are so darn good at a super-speedy reply!  I guess I let the emails sit a bit because I don’t want a daily back-and-forth to spiral onto my daily To Do List.

My friend and I have an understanding that a month or two might pass in between our letters, and that’s perfectly fine. We don’t get annoyed when the other is silent for awhile. The time it takes to sit down and write out your thoughts, pages at a time, makes the letter that much more touching to a sentimental heart. I’m not planning on deleting my Gmail account anytime soon, but a girl can dream…

Have you ever written someone a handwritten letter? Or do you still prefer email?

  1. Skank Tank said:

    hell, this is how i “got to know” my ex-husband (another red flag of the relationship), I could have asked for a better pen-pal but it was kind of sweet and romantic only being able to communicate via handwritten letter for eight weeks while he was in boot camp. I reccomend it… just not as the sole means of communication just prior to a marriage. Some face and phone time is more than necessary.

  2. Pam said:

    That IS sweet!! 🙂
    And shucks, I could write a THESIS on why two people should NEVER, EVER rely on one method of communication unless absolutely necessary…lol.

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