Fact or Fiction: Could You Give Up Facebook?

Yeah, I did it this past Monday. Deactivating my Facebook account and saying goodbye for now to my 600+ nearest and dearest is something I’ve always toyed with. Oh yes, I’ve hit “submit” to the deactivation confirmation and then again when Facebook asked “Are you sure? So-and-so will miss you!” several times in the past…it’s just that I was never able to stay away for more than 4 to 5 hours, tops.

I can’t quite pinpoint why I’ve finally followed through this time (I know it’s early in the game, but it’s THURSDAY! That’s four long days!), but it just felt like the right step and the right time. I used to be an incessant status-updater, but I toned that down over the last few months and noticed that I actually did prefer to keep life’s minutiae and bigger decisions to myself! (Blogging life excluded, of course!) And other than that, it seemed like a time and energy sucker. Some people are GREAT at not stalking their exes or former friends (right?! I know you superhuman people are out there!). Me, I’m not one of them. I guess I finally decided, for all the time I was spending doing just that over the years, I needed to get a life!

It’ll kind of suck not seeing everyone’s new photos and hearing about their life events but…I’ll live. There’s always email and phone calls for the biggies, right?

Apparently Facebook also has an option to totally delete your account. I’ll definitely be re-entering the Facebook world someday (next month? in six months?), and it’s tempting to ponder the idea of deleting EVERYTHING (photos, wall posts, acquaintances I barely speak with) and starting from scratch.

Yep, I suddenly have a teensy bit of more time on my hands. And though it’s weird that I feel oddly ‘disconnected’ from my social circle, close or not, there’s a bright side: now no one can stalk me either! I kinda wonder who, if anyone, will notice that I’m gone! (My mom has already noticed, BTW.)

Would you ever consider closing your Facebook account? Or, have you ever done it? Most importantly,will it drastically affect my life?? Ha. Guess I’ll find out!

  1. Lily said:

    this is great. while FB is great for maintaining relationships with people you don’t see everyday, and for the occasional “what’s up with THAT rando?”, it’s really completely useless most of the time and extremely distracting. i’m on spring break right now and i’ve been on facebook maybe three or four times this entire week! which, for a college student, is unheard of. but it’s been beautiful. i’ve deactivated my account before, but it hasn’t been too effective. but right now, less facebook means more peace of mind.

    • Pam said:

      I don’t think it’s completely useless…but when your friend count is approaching 700 and you haven’t spoken to some of the ‘friends’ in years, or in fact have run into said ‘friends’ with little recognition on their part—it’s time to reevaluate the usefulness!

      I’m going on two weeks SANS Facebook now and am quite proud of myself! 😀

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