How To Feng Shui Your Love Life

NOT my bedroom...yet.{source:}

Is it just me, or does the recent 70-degree weather need to stay? Just in time, too, because February has been dragging on and there’s only so much spring fever I can take!

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of feng shui. Oh you know, that “ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive chi” (courtesy: Wikipedia).

I.e., a fancy way of saying spring cleaning.

Sometimes the best way to shift from negative energy to positive, or to shake up things that have gone stale, is to clear out the ghosts, in whatever form they might take. I’ve recently moved (temporarily) back to live at my parents’ house, so lucky me, I have many ghosts. (I tell you, it’s quite something to wake up in the room you slept in as a high school freshman.) While I figure out where to go next, I’ve been tossing out waaaaay old school papers, bon-firing photos of past loves that for some reason I held onto, and trashing lots of medals and plaques from high school and college.  (Who wants to remember past glory? Not me! Talk about depressing!)

So, while researching the feng shui idea just for kicks, I came across some interesting notes on how to use the concept to jumpstart or resuscitate your love life:

  • The bedroom must “support romance“–and it’s important to focus on a few specific areas. Such as  the wall across from the foot of your bed and what you see when you first enter the room: they should be filled with romantic-symbol-ific stuff, like hearts or roses or fat little cherubs. (Um, can I just dig up my Dirty Dancing poster? I’ll take someone like Patrick Swayze in a heartbeat.)
  • Pair up lone objects. A single candle or figurine flying solo on your dresser is a big DON’T, apparently.
  • Create space. Whether you’re looking for new romance or just wanting to improve a current one, that’s the feng shui key. Make space in your living quarters, everything from your closets to your bookshelves and cabinets. The idea is that all your STUFF represents your energy, and there’s no room for someone else’s energy in your life if they can’t fit their Macbook on your too-cluttered desk.

Hmm, does that mean if I do too good a job with cleaning my childhood bedroom, Mr. Love-of-My-Life’s energy will find me lightning fast and decide to move in with my parents too? Better tone it down…

Have you ever used the principles of feng shui to re-balance the energies of your (love) life?


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