Is Less More? What’s the Best Way to Say “Happy Valentine’s Day”?


Personally, I think the only gifts that are totally lame are ones in which little thought was put in (perhaps that’s why the perennial chocolate fails to please?)  or where creepiness and romance get muddied. (Personal story: Last year someone left a flower with a note addressing it to me on my car. At work. Yeah, not only did one of the managers find it, but I never was able to figure out who left it, and there are no single guys employed at my workplace. Someone who knew what car I drove…creepy!)

Valentine’s Day really shouldn’t be tricky or cause for stress. At the end of the day, who really wants all that fuss? (OK, some people. I get that.) Well for those seeking fuss, er, look elsewhere for gift ideas. I’ve come up with a list of super simple ideas for what to get all the special people in your life, romantic or not.

For the favorite gal pal: Hearts are in. Well, duh. But, no, really, hearts never go out of style fashion-wise. You can easily find an accessory or cute piece of jewelry that incorporates a heart for that girly girl on your friend list.

For the guy: Gadgets galore. After years of puzzled bewilderment trying to buy my dad gifts, it hit me–unless you’re going super sentimental, the perfect gift for the guy in your life – any guy – is a gadget. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Anything they can pull apart and put together again is fair game. Heck, just get one of those miniature Lego box sets where they have to put together some structure or contraption. And, tools are always a quick win. Just get a hammer or screwdriver in a new color. Wrap the gift in red or pink and voila! You are the best Valentine gift giver ever.

For the kids in your life: Cards and candy never fail.  We grown-up women may frown upon the trite box of chocolates, but kids haven’t been jaded yet, and you’re sure to score success with a simple card and a box of candy, preferably one with a cartoon theme or “fun” candy, like Gummie Bears or Jolly Ranchers. So easy to shop for!

For the sentimental fools: something made from scratch. Sentimental fool,  I can definitely be one of those. If you know someone who’ll appreciate a bit of that extra silly effort, a handmade card, a batch of colorful cookies, personalized crafts (see image above), or a heartfelt handwritten letter you’ve taken the time to drop in the mail will definitely be cherished.

It really is the thought, the tiny act of thinking to give something at all, that counts. So make it simple and personalized.

Is there any type of gift you would love/hate to get on Valentine’s Day?


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