Feb. 13 is the New Breakup Day! To Unfriend or Not?

I know I talked a few months ago about why you SHOULD avoid your ex, but every situation is different. The ex I spoke of was, thankfully, not a member of the Facebook or Twitter species. There’s a difference between seeing someone in person and ‘seeing’ them via social media.

Apparently, the website yourtango.com is declaring an end to unhealthy online connections: they’ve declared February 13th the first ever “Break Up With Your Ex” day.

“Our mission at YourTango is to help you live your best love life, but you can’t do that when you’re tethered to the past,” says the article, and goes on to recommend that we un-friend on Facebook or un-follow on Twitter all exes or former love connections by February 14. You know, to be free of all that by Valentine’s Day.

Ah, sounds so healthy, right? Not as easy as it sounds. I know many friends who insist upon remaining friends with some or all of their exes, for one reason or another. Even if they hope to the high heavens that they never run into an ex, they won’t be the ones to break that Facebook connection.

I once un-friended a guy I sort-of dated because it seemed best not to be keeping tabs on him. Ironically, I had to see him in person nearly every day anyway due to shared activities, but the Unfriend step was like magic. It was the one thing that really got me out of that tethered-to-the-past state.

Then again, he was an absolute scumbag. (My incessant profile-viewing involved a lot of seething and un-well-wishing, NOT being heartbroken or regretful.) Scumbags aside, what is the best thing to do? Not every ex is awful, after all.

Do you categorically un-friend your former significant others, or is it done on a case-by-case basis? Or, on the flip side, do you just love having access to their profile for future stalking purposes? (Or, are you still friends with any of them?)

  1. Skank Tank said:

    I won’t unfriend them completely. I ususally just use the magic of facebook security settings to make sure they can’t photo stalk and aren’t popping up in my news feed every ten seconds.

    • Pam said:

      Haha. That’s a good idea!!

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