Valentine’s Day: Love or Hate?

I always think that modern-day Valentine’s Day is sort of like that childhood pastime of daisy picking. “He loves me, he loves me not…” Just like we as youngsters put too much stock into the number of petals we counted, it seems like a lot of the old mentality still might ring true. Remember in middle school and high school when the SCA brought around the carnations that you were able to buy for a dollar and give to someone? And if you didn’t get something from your crush, you were, well, crushed! Have we really changed all that much?

It could be that we put too much emphasis on what our significant others give us on Cupid’s day (or whether we get something at all). According to a study done by David McCandless and Lee Byron on break-up trends, it looks like Valentine’s Day is just the beginning of a slow climb to peak Break Up central around spring break. (The data was collected via status updates on Facebook , which we all know is totally infallible and COMPLETELY REFLECTIVE of real life, so take it for what you will.) Not a total shocker, though. If one person has certain expectations and another just doesn’t get the fuss, clashes happen.

For better or worse, Valentine’s Day brings out emotions in us all: pain, heartache, joy, cynicism, and sheer utter annoyance. And it’s nothing if not a little ironic–even if you don’t care about the holiday, or what you get or didn’t get, there’s always someone who thinks you SHOULD care (been in a store lately?). Funnily enough, I actually like Valentine’s Day! As with anything, a little moderation and style go a long way…even for such a ridiculously commercialized day.

Whether you love or hate the holiday, it’s just two weeks away, so you better start figuring out what to do, whether it’s sending flowers to a significant other, emailing a quirky e-card to friends, or hand-making a valentine card for your neighbor (or any mix-and-match of the above). And there’s nothing wrong with boycotting the holiday altogether, either. (Um, just be sure not to leave your house if that’s the case, because you will run into someone carrying a huge bouquet of flowers and/or giant heart-shaped balloons– guaranteed.) But whatever you decide to do, do it with love!

Is February 14th a hated day of the year for you? Would you break up with someone for not getting you a special gift, or, would you break up with someone to avoid the pressure of coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gesture?

In honor of this not-to-be-hated holiday, I’ll be posting some gift ideas for all the people in our lives soon!


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