Solo Travel is Easy Travel

I wouldn’t say I’m a jet setter, but my day job does require travel five or six times a year. This week, however, I’m headed to India for a family wedding, and all those work trips have paid off in the way of figuring out how to make travel super easy. I’m seriously taking just one small camera bag and a small-sized duffle bag for my two-week trip. (I am checking one piece of luggage, but only for any souvenirs or items I might wanna bring back.)

Solo travel can be a bit mundane, but the upside? Well, less baggage (= less stress).

Just pack clothes…and not that many
I don’t think there’s any reason why even for a longer-ish trip I can’t fit the necessary clothing into my carry-ons (think backpack or large handbag for personal item, and a medium-size suitcase for the overhead compartment, at the most). Don’t even bother packing anything that “needs” to be checked (like liquids over a certain ounce, or razors/sharp objects) if you’re only flying domestically–for the $25 fee per bag, it’s cheaper just to buy when you get to your destination.

Bring only enough entertainment and distraction for layovers
I’m bringing three books with me, and even three seems like too much despite the 12-hour leg in the middle of the trip. As much as it would be nice to catch up on reading while getting through the flight, with no fellow travelers guaranteed to keep me entertained, I’m betting I’ll spend most of my on-plane time with my eyes shut!

Nix the fancy-schmancies and the extras
No electronics (except the camera),  no extra purses or accessories. No laptop. If there’s no work involved, taking all those extras isn’t worth the hassle.

I’ll be back from India in two weeks!!


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