Oh Hello, 2011!

The holidays are over. It’s hard to believe it’s 2011—for me, that means 10 year high school reunion. Yikes.

One thing’s the same for me at the start of every year: New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve always been kind of obsessed. If nothing else, I think the very act of deciding on a few things to change/do creates momentum. I try to pick stuff I don’t HAVE to do every single day, and that don’t have to begin on January 1st.

What about resolutions for your love life? Hmm, to do or not to do. Well, I’ve  sworn not to overanalyze anymore (see previous post), and in that vein, this blog is definitely gonna shy away from any details of the goings-on of my personal life. But I figure a few “resolutions” can’t hurt. So here goes!

1. No more seeking out relationship advice. Especially from girlfriends. I’m a go-getter by nature, but nowhere can that impetuous need-results-now approach be more detrimental than in love. So no more hounding for advice. And if I must, I’ve gotta admit—women usually lead other women wrong. (Sorry friends! I know you meant well.)

2. Wear more tangerine. I have a good feeling about this color (it was on the rise in 2010 and will be quite popular this spring, says Glamour ). So…yeah. (Yes, I needed a simple resolution to feel accomplished.)

3. No more high heels.
Seriously, I can’t do it anymore. I think they’re the worst fashion accoutrement ever, and those who wear them will pay…sooner or later. Guess I’ll have to be creative when dressing up all 5 feet and barely 1 inch of me.

4. Read books on understanding the opposite sex. Really, who understands them? Not me! So far, the following are on my to-read list:

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Manual by Steve Santagati (because I loved the name and it looks really funny)

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray

5. Last but not least: Rename this blog!
This blog is changing direction a bit (stay tuned to find out how…you’ll know when I do), so it needs a new name! Suggestions??

Feel free to share some of your own resolutions, love-related or not!


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