No Markdowns on Love: Are You Willing to Pay Full Price?

NEVER BUY ON SALE WHAT YOU WOULDN’T BUY FULL PRICE. That’s my Black Friday/Cyber Monday motto.  Well, there are exceptions, of course. Electronics one of them. Holiday gifts for others another.

But that’s my problem. I am NOT the savviest holiday shopper. Making the most of these retail boons requires a certain acumen for planning and scouring of deals that I just do not possess. Hey, I’m a REALLY generous gift giver during the Christmas season, but that doesn’t mean I already know what’s on my shopping list before I’ve had my Thanksgiving turkey. No way.

If I even let myself be tempted by all the sales, I know exactly what I’d do: buy for myself, and buy things I didn’t really want or need. (So kudos to you who made the most of Black Friday and all the online sales today, and thereby scored something you or someone on your holiday list really wanted. Me, I stayed home Friday!)

Well, I’ve found that the same holds true for dating and relationships, except WITHOUT any exceptions at all (as previously thought here at First Person Singular). Sort of like stand for nothing, fall for anything? Well, not exactly…

The problem occurs when you’re not really sure what you want in general, and you sort of take what comes since you’re not sure about paying full price (commitment, or at least something like it) yet. There’s no harm in window shopping, right? Great in theory, but bad when you encounter something specific. My unintended 2010 default has been to avoid commitment, or wanting commitment, or at least wanting commitment out loud, at all costs. Keep that game face, never let your emotions be known, emotions are a weakness! I held my cards tight to my chest and wouldn’t fold no matter what.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not against seriouser-type relationships, it’s just that I have a bit of pride, and unless I am 100% sure of my, er, opponent’s stance, not an ounce of serious, genuine emotion will escape me.

But what happens when the cards have been laid down and you realize you might have had a winning hand if you had given in? You realize that maybe wearing your heart on your sleeve like you once did so easily might not have been such a bad idea after all. Because you can’t win if the game is over…

Have you ever regretted keeping your real feelings hidden? And on a more cheerful note, what’d ya buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

  1. Kim said:

    Great post Pam! I’ve always been the type to dive into a relationship with everything so I have no regrets, so that I can throw all the what-ifs out.

    • Pam said:

      Thanks for the comment Kim! 🙂

  2. Is it possible to pay the relationship price by Lay-away?? How about with a low APR?? In all seriousness, I believe it is a matter of perogative. and personal experience. I recently got out of a relationship where I went all in, gladly paid full price and wish(ed) that I had a “Money Back Guarantee” with it now. On the other side of that coin, I recently a few months ago found out that one of the most exceptional women I have ever met, had a romantic interest in me for YEARS but because I didn’t put forth real true effort in it with her…

    • Pam said:

      Yes yes, and what happened with that one???

      Low APR?? Layaway?? Too many analogies!!

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