The nice thing about quarterlife crises (thanks BTW, to readers for all the advice, some more questionable than others! haha) is that they’re sporadic. Life is busy, especially for a late twentysomething, and the inevitable doldrums are oft buried in the whirlwind of another week – especially a 3-day workweek.

Thanksgiving chez Majumdar is always interesting. Three sisters, two dogs, and the parents. The food will be traditional, but spiced up Indian style, and after dinner we’ll likely take family photos, play some Super Mario monopoly (oh yes!), and watch The Polar Express tonight.

No exhaustive laundry list, but there’s MUCH to be grateful for…too many things to recount, in fact. I may overanalyze my life and decisions, but I’m very thankful that the choices are mine to make.

Taking it easy today, but don’t worry, First Person Singular analyses will be back soon. You know, my non-single friends tell me often that reading this blog makes them ever so thankful that they’re NOT single, because they get that the dating scene is quite a messy, complicated jungle. Hey, you’re welcome! 😉 And happy Thanksgiving!!!


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